Christmas Posting – This Week

red-post-boxAll Rolled Up game roll and dice bags obviously make great gifts to any gamer friend (or anyone who might like a neat handcrafted roll-up storage solution for their stuff). However, we’ve reached that time of year when mailing anything with any certainty of getting to you before Christmas becomes harder. You need to be ordering now!

International & Europe Delivery

The date on the left is the last posting date. You need to order an In-Stock All Rolled Up by 3PM the previous day and pay for International Tracking and Signature Services. So, if you want to order something for sending to Germany or Italy, for example, you’re too late!

Monday 14 December Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
Tuesday 15 December Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA
Wednesday 16 December Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain
Thursday 17 December France
Friday 18 December Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland

UK Delivery

For UK deliveries, you can still order In Stock All Rolled Up game rolls up to 3PM, Sunday 20th December, but we would always recommend sooner rather than later.

Gift Certificates

If all else fails, the best way to gift an All Rolled Up without the stress and worry of the mail has to be our Gift Certificates.

You choose the amount and then they can use the gift code to select whatever they like – and top it off if they want more.

And Finally

Anyone who has already ordered an All Rolled Up prior to today can expect them to hit the post tomorrow. They’ll be winging their way to you the moment we can get down to the Post Office…

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