Dragonmeet, Numenera and Christmas

dragonmeetWe’re attending Dragonmeet this weekend.

Our last big event of the year, we’re spending this week putting the finishing touches to as many All Rolled Up as possible to offer you the widest range.

We want you to have the opportunity to see the different designs in person before you commit to buy them for yourself, a friend or other significant gaming enthusiast. Or, for that matter, someone you know who might use one as a pencil case, knick-knack carrier or general personal hold-all for all things small and important.

As well as All Rolled Ups – from the Standard, Premium and Deluxe ranges, including Oilskin Adventurers – we will have Tiny All Rolled Ups, including our licensed Numenera and The Strange TARU. For the fan of Monte Cook’s Cypher System gaming, we will also have a limited supply of Numenera and The Strange dice sets (from Q-Workshop).


For anyone who missed out on the Dracula Dossier Kickstarter, we will also have a supply of The Red Room and The Black Archive game rolls to enhance your Night’s Black Agents gaming table experience.


On top of a stack of game rolls, we should also have (packing space permitting):

  • Correctable Pens and Drywipe Berols
  • Wipe Cards – both standard and super-sized
  • White Boxes
  • Wipeable Memo Boards


Christmas Orders

Of course, if we don’t have what you want or you can’t make it to Dragonmeet, you can still order from our web store.

If you’re an International customer, you still have a chance to order and get your items before Christmas – though you’ll need to go for a slightly more expensive guaranteed delivery by-type option.

In the UK, you have a little loner to ponder – though you’re best to choose a In Stock option if you leave it really late!

All round, In Stock will be best. We’ve got a lot of work on fulfilling events and orders, so any Made to Order items will have an increased lead time and you may have to wait until after Christmas. Getting in touch and asking will be a good plan before you commit to ordering an item not in stock!

We really can’t control the postal services of the world and their ability to deliver by a specific date – so, the business of getting presents to people lies with you, some forward planning and global mail carriage.

Gift Certificates

If you don’t care to risk the post or want to offer a wider choice to a friends or family member, consider the All Rolled Up Gift Certificate option. You choose the amount and then they can use the gift code to select whatever they like – and top it off if they want more.


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