Dragonmeet – 5th December – London

dragonmeet 2015 convention logoWe’re busy preparing for our next big event, the much anticipated Dragonmeet which takes place at the Ibis Hotel and ILEC Convention Centre in Earls Court, London, on Saturday 5th December. A fantastic gaming event, filled with traders, gaming luminaries and organised play. Doors open at 10am, and we’ll be there!

We will have stacks of game roll goodness, with All Rolled Ups from all parts of the range, as well as Tiny All Rolled Ups, foldable dice trays and more besides.

I’ve been tinkering with getting my gaming kit condensed down and seeing where we can further enhance what we have to offer. We’ve been looking at different options for small containers, dry wipeable materials, printable fabric dice trays and more.

I suspect All Rolled Up will continue to offer innovative new gaming accessories in 2016. At the same time, we’ll continue to expand and enhance our existing range with more popular and exciting designs.

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