Das Schwarze Auge Commission

aventurien-aru-rolled-insituA new custom design All Rolled Up for a very happy gamer in Germany.

The person had permission to use this map from the very popular Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye) RPG.

This ARU is called Aventurien.

This is our first ‘standard’ buckle ARU request (as an alternative to the much heavier buckles used on the Oilskins, which aren’t suitable for the ordinary ARU materials).

The map was printed by myself here as an iron-on, then sewn-in as a panel for extra resilience.+Julian Hayley has been actively trialling this panel art design with ‘George Cthulhu‘ for about a year now and has reported no issues. So, we’re happy to use this feature for commissions and special orders.

This option, with lightweight buckle, will most likely be available in future for an extra charge on top of the ARU price. I only have black ones in stock at the moment; I’m actively seeking a source for other colours to expand the range and options.

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    • admin says:

      Hi there. As with this commission, you would need to get permission from the person with the rights to the artwork and then we could work with you to create the final piece.

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