Wallets and Stands

card-stands-rolled-thmEver watchful of the possible ways and means to maximise the game potential of your All Rolled Up, we have made some recent discoveries.

Firstly, we have had a lot of fun using the Wipeable Cards – and the Super-sized versions – at the games table. We have used these to record character details for battle in Dragon Age, whole characters for minimal games like Into The Odd, aspects for people and locations for Fate Core and Accelerated Edition, places for a Doctor Who adventure, maps in Numenera at UK Games Expo – the cards uses have gone on.

Alone, we have found so many options. However, they’re good for combination, too. With our Slim Card Boxes, you can create quick name markers, by wedging the box open with a Wipeable Card on its side, for example. And, with our new Card Stands, you can create quick character markers…

wipecards-stands-july15 …or a whole dungeon!


When you’re finished with your game, you can store your cards away inside your All Rolled Up. While one of our Card Boxes will work perfectly to keep your Wipeable Cards in order, we didn’t have anything suited to the Super-sized cards.

And then we found these handy clear Card Wallets. You can fit five Super-sized cards in the wallet – and could probably squeeze in a bit more. We stow our wallet in the middle pocket of the All Rolled Up – but, you could equally hang it on a lanyard.


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