Unfold Before Throwing

dice-tray-blue-rolledWe have Dice Trays now available in Red and Royal Blue!

Same price, same compact design, same fine utility – and all tucked away inside your favourite All Rolled Up.

The nifty design provides you with a portable and flexible way to manage your dice rolls. The genuine wool felt mitigates the clatter; while the functional snap-fastened edges keep the wild rolls under control (unless you’re really trying to launch you dice off the table!).

When you’re done – unsnap, fold in half, resnap and stow in your All Rolled Up. Rolled inside your ARU, you don’t even notice it’s there (indeed, I’ve forgotten it was in there a couple of times and spent fruitless time trying to work out where I put it…).

Just £8 (dice not included!).


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