Oilskins Ahoy!

oilskin2From the Log of The Demeter — 30 July — Last night. Rejoiced we are nearing England. Weather fine, all sails set. Oilskins set aside. Retired, worn out; slept soundly; awaked by mate telling me that both man of watch and steersman missing. Only self and mate and two hands left to work ship. We have no fear to run short of supplies, of that I can be certain. There is more here of which I cannot account…

Fair warning, travelers! We have taken stock of the stock situation in respect of the remarkably popular Oilskins.

Firstly, we have found sufficient material to make two more Van Helsing Oilskins. We have the materials but have no yet made the All Rolled Ups.

Secondly, we have stock in hand, complete and ready to send out, of the Nemo and Harker Oilskins. Check the store for the current availability status on these.

Finally, if you check the store you’ll see that the remainder of the oilskins All Rolled Ups are Out of Stock.

We do have more materials, but we have other priorities at the moment – specifically crafting the special edition All Rolled Ups for The Dracula Dossier Kickstarter campaign. For the time being, we are accepting advanced requests for oilskins, but you will be part of a waiting list and we will keep you informed.

If you want a Van Helsing, you should note that this will also be part of the waiting list, but you should mail us with your interest on contact AT allrolledup.co.uk rather than go through the store.

Take care!

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