Change to Standard ARU Prices from 01/01/2015

We constantly monitor and manage our suppliers to deliver the best possible quality of materials at the best possible prices. We pride ourselves that even the earliest versions of our All Rolled Up game rolls remains actively in use at gaming tables across the world. A combination of quality materials, careful craftsmanship and eagle-eyed quality control means that nothing leaves our premises or stall that we’re not perfectly happy with.

To ensure we continue to provide the best possible product, we need to maintain a footing with increasing base prices in materials.

With effect from 1st January 2015, all Standard All Rolled Up will increase from £17 to £18.

This does not impact current outstanding orders, and if you place an order for any item in this range we will honour the current prices up until we complete the change to the web catalogue.

We will continue to monitor materials and this may mean further increases in other parts of the range later in the year. We want to maintain our excellent standards and continue to provide a product you, our customers, can depend on.

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