Festive Fortnight

We’ve reach the point before Christmas where if you’re ordering anything that isn’t In Stock, then you will have to wait until the New Year for fulfilment.

Then again, we have also reached the point where In Stock will be tough to deliver reliably before Christmas hits. We will do our best, but we can offer no guarantees.

Royal Mail says that 1st Class last posting will be Monday to get something in the UK to your recipient for Christmas.

However, the mail system at this time of year gets hectic and once we post an item – well, it goes way out of our hands to do anything about it. We pack everything securely, but the mailing system goes wild with all those Christmas cards and gifts flying around.

You can go for the simple option – Gift Certificates!

With a Gift Certificate, you tell us how much you want and where to send it to. We’ll invoice you and then we can either send it along directly to your recipient or give you the code to pass along yourself. Simple as that. We can get those to you straight away, so no need to be looking through the shelves of the local filling station on Christmas Eve looking to get something for that gamer buddy you forgot.

Fil will be taking a break from crafting anything for a time over Christmas – because she deserves it. We have had a fantastic year and we’re looking forward to 2015 already. We have a lot of great events coming up and new stock waiting to hit the store. We really appreciate all the support and custom you have offered us in 2014.

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