The Dracula Dossier – Prototype ARU

The Dracula Dossier Special Edition All Rolled Up

We’re thrilled to be involved with the Pelgrane Press Kickstarter for The Dracula Dossier – with (potentially) 100 All Rolled Up in the black and red designs shown below.

If you haven’t pledged to support this Kickstarter already, you still have time. And, if you want one of these special Limited Edition ARU, then you can still find one of the pledge levels that include them.

Otherwise, at least pick up one of the other levels – and add some Dracula-fuelled conspiracy to your gaming. Whether you’re a Gumshoe-gamer or not, the Dossier components will layer tons of new vampire conspiracy potential to your adventures.

We’ve had a lot of fun working with Pelgrane in getting this design together. We’ll continue to tweak and refine it after the Kickstarter ends, getting the details spot on for the final production run.

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