The Dracula Dossier

Vlad_Tepes_002Dracula is not a work of fiction. Neither legend or mere myth, this formidable entity – so much more than a mere mortal, yet so very fallible – has stalked through an ignorant world and played a long game. Intelligence agencies have attempted to tame him, to turn him, to use his formidable influence, but none have achieved true success in their aims. He remains an enigma and a prize, but even the time of an immortal may grow short – and now the net tightens, the trap set.

Pelgrane Press want to give you the tools to bring Dracula into your games. Dracula Unredacted provides the unexpurgated text of Bram Stoker’s original based on actual intelligence reports and first hand accounts from several agents.

The Director’s Handbook provides hundreds of elements – including characters, locations, items and conspiracies – to scatter across your campaign. A litter of truth, lies and potentials, which might lead to a certain truth – or perhaps some sickening doom.

A pile of gaming potential by luminaries Kenneth Hite and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan – and Kickstarting right now.

Better yet, the pledge levels of the Kickstarter include special edition, commissioned Dracula Dossier themed All Rolled Up game rolls – and for few discerning individuals a travel vampire slayer’s kit in a convenient faux leather roll-up (sound familiar?). Yet, that vampire slayer’s kit will have all kinds of something special going on – and you should look out for future updates (post-Indiecon – which is absorbing most of our time and effort at the moment).

Check out pledge levels from Professor upward for themed All Rolled Up goodness.

Absolutely worth a look – head on over to The Dracula Dossier Kickstarter – and finish the job no one else has had the tools to finish…

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