Festive Alert

Just a reminder, now that I have the web site back up and running, that we only have a little over two months left before Christmas.

Now, you might think that sounds like ages and ages… but, we have three MAJOR events (for us) in November, December and January – so, we are storing up a lot of stock to sell here in the UK at events. That limits the amount of time we have to create stock for the web site.

We will always organise and plan to get your orders out as soon as possible, but the later you leave any order for Christmas – the more likely we’ll have long lead times in place. Orders and stock creation will battle for time.

We will keep you informed as lead times stretch out. At the moment, if you order something in stock – that isn’t a problem. Anything that has to be made to order, we will take time to fulfil. Potentially, if you choose a Made to Order item, it could take up to two weeks to fulfil.

Keep that in mind. And, remember last posting dates.

And… if you place an order and you do not hear back from us within a day – drop us a note via the Contact Us.

Deadlines for surface mail packages (which would be rare anyway) have already passed for most international deliveries.

For international airmail, we need to send stuff out at the start of December – so, we need those orders with us by mid-November at the latest. Keep that in mind.

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