Roll Out the ARU at Gen Con

It comes as a bit of a disappointment to announce – but, we won’t have any presence at Gen Con this year.

While we have been in contact with various publishers and traders, it’s understandable that most have sought to concentrate on their own product first and foremost. We absolutely understand that. Gen Con has a lot of attendees and a lot of potential to expand awareness of what you have to offer – and it does got a pretty penny to get a stall there, especially when you need to travel across the Atlantic to set it up!

Anyway – not to worry. We have plans. I suspect we will attend Essen as our big gaming event in 2015, and aim to attend Gen Con in person in 2016. That’s the plan.

In the meantime, we ask that everyone who owns an All Rolled Up take it along to Gen Con and use it. Actively play with it. Roll it out on the gaming tables, carry it around the event, and don’t hold back from telling people about it.

In the UK, people using their ARU at the table is something we love to see. It reinforces our own certain belief that we made a good product that serves a purpose. People use an All Rolled Up to bring their game to the table, their dice, their personal paraphernalia; they also make a personal statement about about themselves, what they like and who they are. We love that.

So make yourself an ambassador for the All Rolled Up cause. People like to see ARU in person, in action. We appreciate every single customer who uses their All Rolled Up and is willing to share it with others.

And come the Summer of 2016, we hope to be over there with you!

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