UK Games Expo 2014

uk-games-expo-2013We celebrate our anniversary soon – a whole year since the launch of All Rolled Up to the wide world. It hardly seems like it can be that long – and yet at the same time, so much has happened. We have created hundreds and hundreds of handmade All Rolled Up – and I have sketched quite a few Thank You cards in that period!

One thing reminding us of this first year is the imminent return to UK Games Expo – May 30th to June 1st – which was the first event we attended, with the gracious assistance of Graham at Arion Games. We return again this year – halfway across the back wall of the Palace Suite, between Arion Games and James Raggi. I suspect good times, a frantic weekend, and a sore throat…

We really hope you can attend and come see us. We will have hundreds of All Rolled Up in hand with us on the day, including several news designs – quite probably available for the first time. We will have standard-sized and Tiny ARU – as well as a whole bunch of other stuff yet to be confirmed.

The countdown ticks on – we have two months to get stock in order before we make the long journey down to Birmingham for the weekend. Hope to see you there!

Link: UK Games Expo 2014


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