Your All Rolled Up holds all your dice, pens, counters, game cards and more in a sturdy, hand-crafted roll.

Your All Rolled Up game roll is a one-stop answer to getting your game to the tabletop. When you have an All Rolled Up you’re ready to go in a moment because you have all you need for your game in one place.

Dice Tray rolled up

All Rolled Up game roll and Dice Tray

The All Rolled Up comes with:

  • A dice bag that holds more than 100 dice, counters, chits, beads, poker chips or whatever you need for your game
  • A dice bag secured with snag-free velcro that holds snug and tight, keeping every in its place
  • A central pocket that has room to hold a whole deck of playing or trading cards, or a pack of dry wipe cards
  • Slots for up to nine pens, pencils or markers of various sizes, from slim through to chunky, thick board markers… or stakes, if you happen to be planning on taking down one of Night’s Black Agents


Our Accessories complement the core product – with Dry Wipeable Cards that fit into the central pocket, flexible Folding Dice Trays that roll up inside the All Rolled Up, and a range of Correctable Pens. You can fit all you need for your role-playing session, trading card session or even your boardgame into one single, rolled-up package.

Forbidden Island fits inside an All Rolled Up

Forbidden Island fits inside an All Rolled Up

And you have dozens upon dozens of designs to choose from, with fabrics to fit your tastes and gaming needs. And if you’re not a gamer, the All Rolled Up will hold your favourite calligraphy pens, your colouring pencils, your water colouring kit, make-up or a whole range of other things.

We’re expanding our range all the time – and picking up great reviews and awards as we go, while continuing to offer personal service from a small team 100% behind product quality and you, the customer.

Want to see a quick video – what goes inside an All Rolled Up?

Quick Explanation of an All Rolled Up game roll and dice bag

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And a slightly longer video with a thorough run through:

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