Numenera and The Strange TARU

We’re pleased to announce that we have SIX different designs of Tiny All Rolled Up in store with imagery licenced from Monte Cook Games, from both Numenera and The Strange.

We have been working with the Monte Cook team for months – and some of these made their debut at Gen Con. Now, we’re pleased to make them available to all.

One of the designs – Glaive vs Abhumans – is not currently amongst this range. We had problems getting just the right saturation in the printed fabric and we’re awaiting fresh stock. We hope to have this one in the store soon.

As with the teaser release for Gen Con, these Tiny All Rolled have a compact design ideal for the minimal kit, low prep Cypher System games. The dice pocket holds up to 8 dice, but can equally accommodate tokens, beads or similar. The stationery tidy will hold small pens, pencils, erasers or similar – and we’ve had a lot of fun trying out different options for these.

Finally, we have slightly extended the standard TARU pocket design to hold poker-sized cards, like those used in The Strange and Numenera. You can fit about 20 cards – whether from the Bestiary, Cypher, XP, GM Intrusion or Weird Deck. Slip 10 in first, then the other 10 behind them. Once secured with the ribbon tie, the card fit snug and secure.

Ideal for convention play or your weekly game with friends.

Find them in the Tiny All Rolled Up section of the store – In Stock at time of writing!

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